Between Inside and Outside

Windows were favoured artistic motifs for centuries. As transparent interfaces between inside and outside the "image" of a window illustrates much more than just a functional architectural component - a fact that inspired so many artists and still does. In this litttle project work on my very personal dialog with the classical motif window.

IMG_20180603_154932_V2.jpg Beton_im_Licht.jpg 2017_01_Buga_543.jpg 2016_07_146_V3.jpg 2016_06_Bornholm_074.jpg 2016_06_Bornholm_061_V2.jpg 2016_06_Bornholm_044.jpg 2016_05_01_Berlin_556.jpg 2011_03_Madeira_gw_268.jpg 2010_06_17_gw_761_V2.jpg Berlin_08_2018_202.jpg