Series "Translation" of my abstract project "Pure Photography": Photography is "drawing with light". Pure photography means that the light itself, its color and/or its brightness creates an abstract image on a light-sensitive medium (film or camera chip) without beeing affected by a classical "subject" or, as the Bauhaus Master L. Moholy-Nagy wrote in 1927, the light-sensitive plate fixes the light modelled by mirrors, lenses or transparent crystals etc. - In this series the camera is attached to a microscope which is used as an optical bench. White polarized light passes a microscopic crystal and forms a non-figurative abstract image on the camera chip. We do not see an image of the crystal itself but only its effect on the passing light.

2019_01_14_mikro_597.jpg 2019_01_14_mikro_604_v0.jpg 2019_01_14_mikro_611.jpg 2019_01_14_mikro_612.jpg 2019_01_15_mikro_616.jpg 2019_01_15_mikro_618.jpg 2019_01_15_mikro_623.jpg 2019_01_15_mikro_625.jpg