Berlin´s Hinterland

A joint project of Gundula and Bernd Walz

The city of Berlin is topographically still comparatively compact. Decades of division of Germany and Berlin ruled out an expansion of the city into its hinterlands. Since the German reunification the Berlin metropolitan area is expanding rapidly into its mostly rural surrounding regions. These exurbs are called "Berliner Speckgürtel". This nickname may be translated as "blubber girdle" because its communities are economically booming. Towns and villages are growing. Increasing land use by industrial areas, business parks, wind farms, transport routes etc. transform the formerly rural hinterlands dramatically. We live in Potsdam, the largest city in Berlin´s Speckgürtel, and we are amazed by the still very rural Hinterland but also fascinated contemporary witnesses of the dramatic landscape transformation in the Berlin metropolitan area. With our cameras we try to document this landscape transformation, and we present our very subjective view.

2020_10_05_bw_617.jpg 7.jpg 2017_04_08_bw_735.jpg 2020_08_Speckguertel_287.jpg 2021_03_15_bw_258.jpg 2017_11_12_bw_967.jpg 2020_07_25_bw_002.jpg 2020_05_03_bw_243.jpg 2020_02_Brandenburg_Beelitz_2577.jpg 2020_10_05_bw_635.jpg 2016_01_23_bw_851.jpg 2016_01_23_bw_862.jpg 2020_11_06_bw_291_v2.jpg 8.jpg 2017_11_12_bw_973.jpg 2020_05_04_bw_304.jpg 2020_05_30_Berlin_Beetzsee_0198.jpg 6.jpg 2017_11_12_bw_989.jpg 3.jpg 2018_12_30_bw_545.jpg 2020_06_29_bw_761_v2.jpg 2020_02_Brandenburg_Schlunkendorf2597.jpg 2019_11_21_bw_512.jpg 2016_03_26_bw_351.jpg 2017_04_08_bw_733.jpg 2019_11_21_bw_529.jpg 2021_03_15_bw_289.jpg _MG_1328.jpg Potsdam_diverses_09_2021_358.jpg