Crystalline World | Abstract Art

Simple forms, lines, some delicate structures or textures, abstract graphics, structures that resemble objects in the real, figurative world ….. presented in hard black and white, in very reduced or placative, strong colors ….. often strongly minimalistic images that use the aesthetics of simplicity. These are key aspects of my fine-art microphotographic project „Crystalline World“.
Microphotography is photography with the camera attached to a microscope. It’s the microscope that makes a world detectable that is invisible to the human eye. Microphotography is tradititionally a method for the scientific documentation of minute structures outside our visible world. Raw material for this project are square centimeter measuring, flat crystalline crusts that form spontaneously on thin glass slides, when dilute aqueous solutions of anorganic salts or organic substances dry down. The crystalline preparations offer so much details that lend themselves as aesthetic image elements because of their unique structure, curiosity, melody of periodicity or symmetry. Its great creative fun to play with these structures, to extract them from a complex preparation and display them in aesthetic isolation. And without the pressure for meticulous scientific documentation one gains an enormous creative freedom. Crystalline world is a project with vanishing borders between photography, graphic arts and painting.
This project “ABSTRACT ART” presents structures from a world outside our daily visible experience. All micrographs were isolated, processed and colorized in Photoshop. In some images simple geometric structures supplement the composition.
More information about my project “Crystalline World” is available in a feature on Nathan Wirths blog and in an interview with me (in German) about my project "Crystalline World" on Youtube: